Definition of shot hole in English:

shot hole


  • 1A hole made by the passage of a shot.

  • 2A hole bored in rock for the insertion of a blasting charge.

    • ‘Further underground, and we saw miners drilling shot holes with their bag of dynamite neatly laid out beside them.’
    • ‘With Chris, as my beautiful assistant, passing me the required pieces of kit in the confines of the dig, I set about drilling the first few shot holes.’
    • ‘I found myself drilling the first of three shot holes into the three largest and nearest boulders.’
    • ‘On 8 June 1960, these two men had bored and filled fifty shot holes and had inserted electric detonators and connected them up in series.’
  • 3A small round hole made in a leaf by a fungus or bacterium, especially in a fruit tree following an attack of leaf spot.

    as modifier ‘shot-hole disease’
    • ‘When the tallest fields reach about 18 inches in height, walk through fields to search for shot-hole damage in the leaves about every five days.’
    • ‘Portions of the leaf tissue drop out, resulting in a shot-hole appearance.’
    • ‘Flea beetles are devastating to seedlings, and beetle shot holes can disfigure the leaves badly.’
    • ‘If this sounds familiar, ask your nurseryman for a dormant spray that targets shot hole fungus.’
    • ‘Count the number of plants showing shot-hole feeding and determine the percent of infested plants.’
    1. 3.1 A small hole made in wood by a boring beetle.
      as modifier ‘a shot-hole borer’