Definition of short order in English:

short order


North American
  • An order or dish of food which can be quickly prepared and served.

    ‘a short order of souvlaki’
    as modifier ‘I'm a short-order cook’
    • ‘A short-order cafeteria at the base serves burgers, brats, and fries; on weekends look for the open-air barbecue at the base of Marge's Triple.’
    • ‘Hash browns, in the original American short-order style, were also made of cooked potatoes, as are most Indian versions.’
    • ‘He then became a short-order cook, often working one or two other jobs.’
    • ‘I grabbed my fiberglass tray, slid it on down to the short-order cook and placed my order.’
    • ‘This area has two salad bars, two main course lines, and two short-order lines.’


  • in short order

    • Immediately; rapidly.

      ‘after the killing the camp had been shut down in short order’
      • ‘The choice helps explain why California drained its once plentiful reserves in short order.’
      • ‘By the weekend, federal officials said there could be tens of thousands of troops in New Orleans in short order.’
      • ‘Moore turns up at the bank and is shown getting a rifle in short order.’
      • ‘Articulate, meticulous, and a very quick study, he makes himself indispensable in short order.’
      • ‘Of course there are some, very few, that step over the line and they are usually slapped down in short order by the other posters.’
      • ‘The bloggers will, in short order, make the current media structure irrelevant.’
      • ‘I would certainly lose my clearance, my job, and my career, in short order.’
      • ‘They even had padded seats, which I'm pretty sure would get destroyed in short order in New York.’
      • ‘Well, they're going to be there in short order, if everyone can get back in there after the debris is cleared away.’
      • ‘Incredibly you have another killer storm on your hands in short order.’
      immediately, at once, instantly, directly, right away, straight away, now, that minute, this minute, that very minute, this very minute, that instant, this instant, then and there, there and then, here and now, in a flash, like a flash, instantaneously, by return, post-haste, without delay, without further ado, without more ado, without hesitation, unhesitatingly
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