Definition of short and sweet in English:

short and sweet


  • Brief but pleasant or relevant.

    ‘his comments were short and sweet’
    • ‘‘No point in boring the crowd, keep it short and sweet,’ says Tim.’
    • ‘It's short and sweet so see what you think anyway.’
    • ‘I am going to keep this short and sweet, but here goes.’
    • ‘I won't go further than that, and I'll keep it short and sweet.’
    • ‘Thanks to mother nature it shall be short and sweet.’
    • ‘Alas, Rowe beat me to it, so I'll keep this short and sweet.’
    • ‘Oh, and it's short and sweet and will fit nicely on signs.’
    • ‘Make it short and sweet, meaning no ten page essays.’
    • ‘‘Well that was short and sweet,’ Deed commented on Merkaydi's answer.’
    • ‘Martin Scorsese is a true film buff and knows to keep his comments short and sweet when dealing with The Golden Coach.’
    concise, brief, succinct, to the point, compact, terse, curt, summary, economical, crisp, short and sweet, pithy, epigrammatic, laconic, pointed, thumbnail, abridged, abbreviated, condensed, synoptic, compendious, summarized, contracted, curtailed, truncated
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