Definition of short-lived in English:



  • Lasting only a short time.

    ‘a short-lived romance’
    ‘these benefits are likely to be short-lived’
    • ‘Sceptics fear the crackdown will be short-lived and once the meeting is over it will be business as usual.’
    • ‘However, the crisis was short-lived and he reverted to a more conventional mode of fuel.’
    • ‘The fame was short-lived, however, as a Frenchman broke his record just a month later.’
    • ‘It was short-lived and I knew I would get hurt, but I told my husband and I don't think he ever forgave me.’
    • ‘Their joy was short-lived however as a lapse in defence saw St Peter's take the lead for the third time.’
    • ‘There was encouraging but short-lived support for input from successful and talented business people.’
    • ‘The celebration was short-lived however as the Islanders roared back to sweep the series.’
    • ‘The short-lived practice of closing pubs during the afternoons could be brought back.’
    • ‘These included the first real daily papers, and most were short-lived.’
    • ‘His joy on giving it all up to run the market stall was short-lived, however.’
    • ‘The nature of the poem is similar to other material on his short-lived blog.’
    • ‘The visitors' lead was short-lived, with Tony Quinn netting an equaliser six minutes later.’
    • ‘The short-lived high means addicts can soon develop habits costing hundreds of pounds a day.’
    • ‘The craze was short-lived when it was discovered it was illegal to smoke on the premises while the oxygen was being sold.’
    • ‘He made a short-lived return but quit for good because of ill health.’
    • ‘Last year he was asked to leave a short-lived campus newspaper for essentially the same reasons.’
    • ‘In just half a decade, Dubliner Marc has put his stamp on music through two short-lived bands.’
    • ‘After a short-lived relationship with a man she meets at a bar, she has another baby.’
    • ‘I enjoy the short-lived flush of enthusiasm that it brings to my cheeks.’
    • ‘He said there would be a period of leniency but insisted that this would be short-lived.’
    brief, short, momentary, temporary, impermanent, short-term, cursory, fleeting, passing, fugitive, flying, lightning, transitory, transient, ephemeral, evanescent, fading, quick, meteoric
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