Definition of short-eared owl in English:

short-eared owl


  • A migratory day-flying owl that frequents open country, found in northern Eurasia and North and South America.

    Asio flammeus, family Strigidae

    • ‘Both Bill and I gave talks, followed by lunch and a field trip to The Wilds, where we just barely managed to show 200 people a couple of rough-legged hawks and short-eared owls.’
    • ‘The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds says that nests of species such as short-eared owls, merlins, red grouse, meadow pipits, skylarks, twite and curlews will have been wiped out.’
    • ‘The short-eared owl is the most diurnal of all our owls and hunts over our moorlands.’
    • ‘Without bogs we would lose astonishing plants like sundews, sphagnum mosses and cotton grass; beautiful insects like marsh fritillary butterflies; and spectacular birds like hen harriers and short-eared owls.’
    • ‘They claimed the land was a home to protected species, including the great crested newt, the reed bunting and the short-eared owl.’
    • ‘They will be on the lookout for birds such as short-eared owls, a variety of winter wildfowl and, hopefully, Bowland's elusive hen harriers.’
    • ‘Perhaps even more exciting, he found several short-eared owls, attracted by the smaller creatures living in the grassland itself.’
    • ‘Walkers will be on the lookout for birds such as short-eared owls, winter wildfowl and the elusive hen harrier.’
    • ‘A pair of short-eared owls lifted off from a tree stump.’
    • ‘As well as having several ‘at risk’ species, such as rare orchids and skylarks, an RSPB survey has revealed that we've got more short-eared owls on the land than any other site in Yorkshire.’