Definition of short-arm in English:



  • Denoting a blow or throw executed with the arm not fully extended or with motion from the elbow only.

    ‘with a short-arm swing and a snap of the wrist, he shattered the sentry's skull’
    • ‘He also has a deceptive, short-arm delivery that is hard to pick up.’
    • ‘His cuts and pulls - Jayasuriya's most fearsome strokes - are no more than short-arm jabs, with his powerful forearms and wrists coming into play.’
    • ‘This explains why he is so strong on the cut and the pull; like Jayasuriya he can use the short-arm method, cashing in on the slightest errors in either width or length.’
    • ‘Sanath Jayasuriya is devastating because with his short-arm method he doesn't require much width to wallop the ball.’