Definition of shoring in English:



  • [mass noun] Shores or props used to support or hold up something weak or unstable.

    • ‘In December, workers removed the steel shoring that had held the home up since 1997.’
    • ‘The system's stay-in-place design also suits commercial flooring applications as it eliminates the need to strip forms and reduces the need for shoring compared with wood flooring systems.’
    • ‘In a few hours, with the aid of some telephone poles and some shoring, the Chinese lifted the wing, Tex lowered the gear and drove the down lock in with a sledge hammer.’
    • ‘Two days after the attack, Urban Search and Rescue crews from Montgomery County, Virginia worked to clear debris and strengthen temporary shoring at the disaster site.’
    • ‘The shoring also enabled the construction of new foundations without disrupting existing utility systems.’
    • ‘Speed Shore's Shoring Shields combine the benefits of aluminum hydraulic shoring with the solid-wall security of a static shield.’
    • ‘Removing the rusty metal presented us with a somewhat unstable-looking climb down of about 4m complete with plenty of scaffolding shoring.’
    • ‘Teams of carpenters and laborers begin positioning column forms and setting up shoring for the floor above.’
    • ‘Therefore, our tunnels (unlike the fancy ones you have seen in the movies) were about two feet in diameter with no bracing or shoring of any kind.’
    • ‘Moreover, thicker slab areas and extra shoring had to be provided along a predetermined load path, a path that had to be carefully marked on the base slab to restrict and guide crane movement.’
    • ‘The shoring was removed, so that the tunnel started to collapse, and protesters were dragged out by ropes attached to handcuffs.’
    strengthening, reinforcement, consolidation, shoring up, bracing, boosting, buttressing, toughening
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