Definition of shoreweed in English:



mass noun
  • A small European plant with grasslike leaves, growing in mud and shallow water at the edge of ponds.

    Littorella uniflora, family Plantaginaceae

    • ‘The 34-foot deep eastern basin has a sand and gravel bottom with a variety of sterile-rosette aquatics including the rare plantain shoreweed.’
    • ‘Cutting or collecting shoreweed and bottomweed is prohibited from sunset to sunrise and also on Sunday.’
    • ‘Especially important are the assemblies of peat-bog plants with species like sweetgale, cross-leaved heath, shoreweed, heath rush, tufted bulrush.’
    • ‘The figure for shoreweed and water lobelia is based on a sample of 93 fens and dune pools.’
    • ‘The specialized flora includes the rare plantain shoreweed, water lobelia, and quillwort.’