Definition of shoreside in English:



  • 1The edge of a shore.

    as modifier ‘a shoreside restaurant’
    • ‘The pirates seize the vessel and use it to attack a shoreside target, descending upon their target from the air.’
    • ‘For a more tranquil experience, the Traditional Boat Festival at Portsoy has sailing races and shoreside exhibits.’
    • ‘Find a quiet cove to wet a fishing line, or just spread a shoreside picnic and take a dip.’
    • ‘It is comprised of 100 shoreside houses built in the Ming Dynasty, all of which were joined together to form one huge living complex.’
    • ‘Where once it was just a safe anchorage, it is now shoreside parks, sailing trips and fantastic views.’
    • ‘Local police have been alerted and the coastguard rescue team are at the shoreside.’
    • ‘At least some measures are also being taken to address pollution from shoreside wastewater treatment plants.’
    • ‘Instead, ask for a mooring along the Balboa shore, in reasonable proximity to the shoreside restaurants and shops.’
    • ‘In a perfect world, this sand would build up the beach and keep shoreside cliffs from eroding further.’
    • ‘The locals simply raised an eyebrow and watched as the foundations were dug on a prime shoreside location, and construction began on the epitome of cultural imperialism.’
    • ‘One heavy rainstorm washes more pollution into the river from old, inadequate shoreside sewage treatment plants than anything recreational boats could possibly contribute.’
    • ‘The visiting team from AOC Archaeology, who were in Sanday last week investigating Bronze Age structures exposed by the January storms, has been working at a shoreside site below the Hall of Rendall.’
    • ‘He rested the tired sailors of the Resolution in Dusky Sound and brewed beer from shoreside evergreens.’
    seashore, seaside, beach, coast, coastal region, seaboard, sea coast, bank, lakeside, verge, edge, shoreline, waterside, front, foreshore, sand, sands
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    1. 1.1 The side of something nearest the shore.
      ‘men on the shoreside of each boat were poling it upriver’
      • ‘The sinking occurred because somebody cut each of the vessel's eight mooring ropes by which she was attached to two shoreside bollards.’
      • ‘He was standing on aft deck by the shoreside rail, staring in to shore when she approached.’