Definition of shop girl in English:

shop girl


  • A female shop assistant.

    • ‘We also discover that Terry, whose wife absconded with his best man, has turned for clandestine consolation to a naively trusting shopgirl, Nuala, and a dance-loving hairdresser, Breda.’
    • ‘Danes plays Mirabelle Buttersfield, a shopgirl and aspiring artist who works in the glove department of Saks Fifth Avenue in LA.’
    • ‘It was hard to know why the shop girl was so amused by my behaviour.’
    • ‘The shop girl said her parents owned the stand and kept several dozen more skins back at their house, but that she was unwilling to take a stranger there.’
    • ‘The woman dressed like an Edwardian ingénue and talked like a mystic, but her accent was what you would hear from some lower-class British shopgirl.’
    • ‘In the film she is a shop girl who becomes involved with Kane - a relationship which is used to destroy his political ambitions and his marriage.’
    • ‘She plays a young shop girl at Saks Fifth Avenue.’
    • ‘Early on she worked as a shopgirl in a jewelry store on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.’
    • ‘As she fumbled for her wallet the shop girl noticed a remote control for a television set in the customer's bag.’
    • ‘On each site young women - shopgirls, nursemaids, typists - operated the fire control equipment while men fired the guns.’
    seller, salesperson, salesman, saleswoman, dealer, trader, tradesman, retailer, shopkeeper, shopman, shop boy, sales assistant, assistant, wholesaler, merchant, trafficker, purveyor, supplier, stockist, marketer, marketeer, sales representative, door-to-door salesman, travelling salesman, commercial traveller
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