Definition of shooting war in English:

shooting war


  • A war in which there is armed conflict as opposed to mere threats, propaganda, or sanctions.

    • ‘We train for a shooting war, but our fate was to defend the United States.’
    • ‘More important, the United States had for the previous eight months been involved in a shooting war in France in which a large number of American boys had been killed.’
    • ‘They could not keep those things in the air even if a shooting war was on.’
    • ‘As long as we have a credible deterrent they won't get into a shooting war they will probably lose.’
    • ‘Nobody can deny that competitive currency devaluations and trade wars, not to mention shooting wars, are presently a threat to our survival and welfare.’
    • ‘Exporting your economic problems almost always seems like an attractive solution - until it leads to a trade war, which can lead to a shooting war.’
    • ‘It's the theme that runs through the head of every combat veteran, especially as the shooting war peters out.’
    • ‘What is the only shooting war that NATO has fought?’
    • ‘Still, the requirements of an occupation, as opposed to a shooting war, are unarguably personnel heavy.’
    • ‘We don't have enough men in that country if a full shooting war erupts again, and I would rather someone else deal with it.’
    • ‘We saw it pick up right at the beginning of the shooting war.’
    • ‘But as the bombs fall, and the shooting war (declared or undeclared) begins, these questions are ultimately left behind, and the same rules for armed conflict govern cyber attacks.’
    • ‘Is our doctrine geared to serve the funding war more than the shooting war?’
    • ‘Since 1749, wholesale prices rose 1.4 percent per year on average, but 12 percent in war years - including shooting wars, the Cold War - while declining 1.3 percent annually in peacetime.’
    • ‘Coalition allies create a tense identification crisis in the heated fog of a shooting war.’
    • ‘Like radioactive fallout, the affects of cyber warfare can devastate economies and civilizations long after the shooting war is over.’
    • ‘But even when not engaged in a shooting war, soldiers get screwed up.’
    • ‘Most African states and rebel movements are too poor and weak to conduct sustained shooting wars.’
    • ‘The shooting war that started at the beginning of August ended in a muddied peace in 1918-19, which helped precipitate the Depression of the 1930s, then World War II.’
    • ‘As for the shooting war, some military commentators have compared its ease to drowning puppies.’