Definition of shockable in English:



  • See shock

    • ‘In the experimental group, 72 patients with a shockable rhythm were initially shocked by first responders and 85 patients by the ambulance personnel.’
    • ‘For the less shockable audience of today, particularly one with a core of depraved Oxford students, this play presses all the right buttons.’
    • ‘They take you back to a time when it was still possible to be transported into another world - a time when you half-believed in magic, and remained infinitely shockable.’
    • ‘A reliable narrator, I would suggest, is an intelligent, shockable, conscientious and perceptive, human being.’
    • ‘She's also known enough not to need that kind of publicity - plus the European art scene isn't as easily shockable as the American one anyway.’
    • ‘In front of as many shockable adults as possible.’