Definition of shock brigade in English:

shock brigade


  • (in the former Soviet Union) a body of workers who exceeded production quotas and were assigned to an especially urgent or arduous task.

    • ‘They should become a shock brigade on the labour front of socialist construction, one worthy of the people's trust.’
    • ‘What we have is a mixture of industrial images, the shouted slogans of shock brigades and scenes from the countryside, though it is unclear what the last signify.’
    • ‘After the catastrophe of the holocaust in the Northern Caucasus they sent down shock brigades because they were determined at all costs to consolidate their forces there.’
    • ‘Some Chinese theorists have recommended organizing network special warfare detachments and computer experts to form a shock brigade of ‘network warriors’ to accomplish this task.’
    • ‘Though she is three years younger than me, she is in charge of my shock brigade group.’
    • ‘Times of shock brigades with the higher goal to bring people together are over, and today all that shock workers have in common is the struggle to survive.’