Definition of shock absorber in English:

shock absorber


  • 1A device for absorbing jolts and vibrations, especially on a vehicle.

    • ‘Another 20 will go on September 15 and then there will be 140 compulsory redundancies on September 29, when the last shock absorber will be made.’
    • ‘A rope grab fits over the lifeline, and a lanyard - another short, heavy rope with the shock absorber attached - runs from the rope grab to the harness.’
    • ‘Among other things, it also functions as a spacer, as a shock absorber, and as a motion unit.’
    • ‘The meniscus functions as a shock absorber and weight distributor in the knee joint.’
    • ‘The supporters of a flexible Canadian dollar exchange rate suggest it is an adjustment mechanism - a shock absorber needed to cushion us from the blows of commodity price volatility.’
    • ‘He noted a leaking shock absorber, a broken exhaust front pipe bracket, a broken rear light, a broken rear brake light and a ripped windscreen wiper.’
    • ‘It functions both as a shock absorber, cushioning the blow when the bones in the shoulder collide, and as part of the joint's connective structure.’
    • ‘Each of the four main units has a six wheel bogie with two wheels forward and four wheels rear of the shock absorber.’
    • ‘This speed it eliminated in the landing contact of the blade (we hope) with the ice and in the action of the landing blade, boot, and leg acting as a shock absorber.’
    • ‘The disc has ability to absorb water and swell, acting like a shock absorber.’
    • ‘The vertical shock absorber struts attached to the front wing spars below the engine nacelles.’
    • ‘A damper is a little shock absorber mounted horizontally on the blade support that allows the blade to lead and lag.’
    • ‘The tail wheel was provided with a hydraulic shock absorber and a swiveling lock to keep it aligned in flight.’
    • ‘It acts like a shock absorber under the carpet.’
    • ‘This population of small growing companies acts as a shock absorber for the economy as a whole.’
    • ‘In general, the purpose of the plantar fascia is twofold - to provide support of the longitudinal arch and to serve as a dynamic shock absorber for the foot and entire leg.’
    • ‘In reality the rider's body acts as a shock absorber, or buffer, between the lance and horse.’
    • ‘But the drop-off in imports is acting like a shock absorber, because much of the fallout from weaker demand is being felt by foreign producers, not the U.S. economy.’
    • ‘With an MR shock absorber, you can control the vibrations that cause one floor to shift relative to the next floor.’
    • ‘When a conventional mechanical spring with a conventional shock absorber encounters a bump in the road it is driven by the laws of nature - the hand of God himself - and responds immediately.’
    cushion, bulwark
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    1. 1.1 Something that serves to reduce or mitigate the worst effects of an unwelcome occurrence or experience.
      ‘the floating exchange rate has been a vital shock absorber for the economy’


shock absorber