Definition of shiveringly in English:



  • See shiver

    • ‘Well the poor mutt ran away howling in pain and agony and he scampered shiveringly to a refuge in a deserted shack.’
    • ‘And Close's nasty, shifting canterings with a shovel before he fells his unfortunate brother and humorously lops off his arm to acquire the ring were shiveringly unpleasant.’
    • ‘Under this unfussy but canny direction, the performances vibrate; the lines shiveringly hit their mark.’
    • ‘He understands the score's potential to produce a pleasant and shiveringly visceral response, when presented with the greatest sonic allure, and he act upon this understanding.’
    • ‘Dashing up the stairs she'd crept to her bedroom, taken a few deep breaths, and then shiveringly pulled out from underneath her shirt the object of her impromptu burglary and lo and behold!’