Definition of shisham in English:


(also shisham tree)


  • An Indian tree of the pea family, which produces useful timber.

    Dalbergia sissoo, family Leguminosae

    • ‘The pond is covered with weeds and although most of the shishams are still there, in between them branches of the paper mulberry, a noxious weed, have sprouted up, making walking difficult.’
    • ‘The old neem and shisham trees that line every road are leafy beyond explanation for they are allowed to grow.’
    • ‘Certain traditional trees like imli, jamun and banyan may also meet the fate of shisham and keekar.’
    • ‘Climatic changes are taking a heavy toll on kikar and shisham trees in south western part of Punjab.’
    • ‘Now the rain had slowed to a murmur and the lane was empty except for a water buffalo, its black hide agleam, standing meditatively under the shisham tree on the other side.’
    • ‘Saharanpur is the home of the famous carved and delicately inlaid shisham wood furniture that takes its name from the town.’


Mid 19th century: from Persian and Urdu šīšam.