Definition of shish kebab in English:

shish kebab


  • A dish of pieces of marinated meat and vegetables cooked and served on skewers.

    • ‘Then you could move onto some deliciously cooked and wonderfully arranged bhajis, shish kebabs or samosas.’
    • ‘Only one dish - vegetarian shish kebab - is without meat on the menu.’
    • ‘Grilled calamari are skewered like shish kebabs, with densely flavorful cherry tomatoes.’
    • ‘These were followed by a shish kebab, which was spicy, and a chat masala eaten with a special spicy ‘salt’ sprinkled over it.’
    • ‘Other staples include rice, yogurt, figs, shish kebab, feta cheese (made from goat's or sheep's milk), and whole-grain bread.’
    • ‘You can do steaks, shish kebabs, small crabs and lobsters.’
    • ‘They'd seen the show before, but then they'd had shish kebab and mesclun salad before, and that hadn't dampened their appetites.’
    • ‘The head can be sliced into bite-sized pieces for fondue or shish kebab.’
    • ‘The most famous dish of Turkish origin is the shish kebab, pieces of lamb grilled on a skewer.’
    • ‘There are also the more familiar kofta and shish kebab.’
    • ‘I selected the shish kebab to start and then a creamy lamb korma as a main course.’
    • ‘Other common Arab dishes include shish kebab and falafel, which are deep fried balls of chickpeas served with tahini (sesame sauce).’
    • ‘In Kunduz, a jovial Afghan teacher helped me order charcoal-grilled sheep shish kebab from a street vendor, and we struck up a conversation.’
    • ‘The savory wild meat meal consisted of bannock, white fish, salmon, moose, shish kebabs, pasta salad, Caesar salad, and baked potatoes with fruit tarts for dessert.’
    • ‘For $6.50, we also went for the shish kebab (filet de porc tendre).’
    • ‘Pieces of lamb threaded on a skewer and grilled over hot charcoal is known around the world as shish kebab.’
    • ‘Typical snacks include fried plantain or shish kebab (meat on a skewer).’
    • ‘Also popular is the famous Middle Eastern shish kebab, consisting of chunks of lamb or marinated chicken speared on a wooden stick and cooked over a charcoal fire with tomatoes and onions.’
    • ‘Among the entrées, we appreciated the soft white meat on our chicken shish kebab but we wished it had had more zest.’
    • ‘Soft, low fat spring lamb is ideal shish kebab or barbecue skewer material.’


From Turkish şiş kebap, from şiş ‘skewer’ + kebap ‘roast meat’.


shish kebab

/ˌʃɪʃ kɪˈbab/