Definition of shirty in English:


adjectiveshirtier, shirtiest

  • Bad-tempered or annoyed.

    ‘she got quite shirty’
    • ‘I couldn't stand there and risk someone being a bit shirty with him so I touched him lightly on the arm and indicated that he should stand on the right.’
    • ‘The door staff are a bit shirty.’
    • ‘I reckoned if they decided to get shirty and chuck me out, the gig was over anyway, so what did I have to lose?’
    • ‘What you getting shirty at me for, I said I was sorry.’
    • ‘My own husband, who is more realistic about his profession than most, gets a little shirty when I express myself so bluntly.’
    • ‘Funny enough, if I ask other people about their reasons for watching/reading the news, they get shirty and look at me like I'm crazy. ‘It's important to be informed!’’
    • ‘Her boss got quite shirty with me; until I started asking who her boss is so I could make a complaint.’
    • ‘As lazy and uninspired a choice it is to just remake an old film or TV series, this trend does has one hilarious plus point - all the old stars keep getting all shirty about being replaced.’
    • ‘But the most disturbing aspect of his investigation is the way it has taken a celebrity chef to get shirty before anyone seems to have noticed what we are feeding our children.’
    • ‘He'd get a wee bit shirty, like you'd just spat on his baby, and tell you that we'd be finished in a few minutes so we'd best just press on ahead.’
    • ‘Nowadays the scourge of the left, he regards liberals as the first cousins of communists and gets shirty whenever anyone reminds him that once upon a time he was a Black Panther groupie.’
    • ‘No matter what pressure you're under do not get shirty.’
    • ‘Would his publisher get shirty if he signed an electronic contract?’
    • ‘My husband got a bit shirty on Friday night when I had a group of friends round for dinner.’
    • ‘He got very shirty, and there were even legal threats.’
    • ‘Suppose Toby's saying something shirty to his boss makes his boss feel that he may have to take a difficult decision about him.’
    • ‘We know a family when we see it, but get quite shirty when someone else tries to tell us how it should operate.’
    • ‘The script in these situations normally follows a rather different plot: a diver receives treatment, argues the toss, gets a bit shirty, and jumps back in the water after a row with the boat skipper.’
    • ‘Let's briefly savour the delicious irony of a magazine for advertising executives getting shirty because someone has ‘grabbed the money and run’.’
    • ‘Brin got all shirty.’
    • ‘Some friendly letters come back and these horrible bigots get shirty and make remarks about teeth, for Christ's sake.’
    irate, annoyed, cross, vexed, irritated, exasperated, indignant, aggrieved, irked, piqued, displeased, provoked, galled, resentful
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