Definition of shipwright in English:



  • A shipbuilder.

    • ‘Clinker shipbuilding was a genuine craft, in which the shipwright remained close to his materials.’
    • ‘A carpenter in Freeport meant, or course, he was also a shipwright.’
    • ‘A shipwright is building a boat on Carrot Bay on the island of Tortola.’
    • ‘The plan is to take four or five shipwrights, who built Jeanie Johnston, to India and assess the damage for ourselves.’
    • ‘There was slave labor available, but shipwrights, machinists, sailmakers, and all the skilled trades required in shipbuilding were in critically short supply.’
    • ‘In addition to depicting the instruments, the author related their use to various tradesmen and professions, including millwrights, bricklayers, shipwrights, and architects.’
    • ‘By contrast, a Scottish artiste might play to sodden Glasgow shipwrights, a restrained middle class audience and a temperance rally in the same week.’
    • ‘They include fitters, shipwrights and electricians.’
    • ‘Celebrating its 150th birthday this year - it was constructed by Scandinavian shipwrights from the Pacific Mail line - the church is one of the most beautiful in California.’
    • ‘And though it is still clogged with scaffolding, shipwrights, and a half-dozen cherry pickers, the promenade is already expansively dramatic.’
    • ‘By then living in Florida, the former customer and friend read an article about the Amistad reconstruction that said the project needed shipwrights.’
    • ‘The even skin of the carvel hull enabled shipwrights to cut gunports close to the waterline.’
    • ‘Those whose names survive are shipwrights who were likely to have overseen the construction of a model much as they did the building of an actual ship.’
    • ‘The two shipwright's or mast axes are representative of the most common Hathaway tools.’
    • ‘More recent ‘traditional’ ship building methods require the shipwright to build the frames first on the keel, and then to add the strakes after.’
    • ‘Now, unlike the master shipbuilders of the Mediterranean civilizations, the Viking shipwrights didn't think in terms of cargo tonnage, military logistics, or naval tactics.’
    • ‘He managed Millbrook and worked as a shipwright in Plymouth docks before retiring’
    • ‘Ships of the Age of Discovery were built from the mind of a shipwright, instead of blueprints.’