Definition of shipping forecast in English:

shipping forecast


  • A radio broadcast describing the state of the weather around the coast, with an assessment of likely developments and risks for vessels at sea.

    • ‘My main job was to oversee the navigation and the charts—my love of maps plus fascination with meteorology coming into good use—and it was bizarre to be listening to the nightly shipping forecast and actually using it.’
    • ‘I remember as a child hearing the shipping forecast on the radio.’
    • ‘I just heard on the shipping forecast that a couple of bits of weather (I missed where or what) will be "moving north and losing their identities".’
    • ‘I am not usually listening to the radio when the Shipping Forecast is on but if you have not heard it then do give it a listen.’
    • ‘I just heard on the shipping forecast that this weather will be moving north.’
    • ‘The shipping forecast was soberly predicting the arrival of force nine winds in Thames-Dover-Wight.’
    • ‘The afternoon shipping forecast suggested that on Sunday the wind could be swinging round and dropping before picking up from the south-west in the evening.’
    • ‘The online shipping forecast page provides both a transcript and a recorded version.’
    • ‘I'm off to soothe my frayed nerves with the soporific tones of the shipping forecast.’
    • ‘This was when I normally switch on my radio to listen to the shipping forecast.’