Definition of shipmate in English:



  • A fellow member of a ship's crew.

    • ‘Don't get me wrong, I think stealing from your shipmates or fellow Marines is one of the worst things you can do and you should fry.’
    • ‘They had saved their ship and saved their shipmates, he told them.’
    • ‘More than 60 years later, a wreath from his family rests on his grave at Lyness cemetery, where he was the sole officer buried alongside shipmates from the ranks.’
    • ‘They are strong young men and women, and they are serving their ship and their shipmates, and I couldn't be more proud of them.’
    • ‘His head popped over the rail and when he noticed Pearl there by herself he called for help from his fellow shipmates.’
    • ‘A fellow shipmate, good sailor, good man, good friend.’
    • ‘And when a ship need underway replenishment or a shipmate goes overboard, this highly-qualified team s launched into action.’
    • ‘We climbed into oilskins, life jackets and clip-on safety harnesses, and became fellow shipmates for the day-night crossing.’
    • ‘First-time sailors from land-locked states become shipmates with experienced sailors.’
    • ‘Whether it's our service to our nation, service to our Navy, or service to our shipmates, it is a transforming experience to be part of it.’
    • ‘Again, a little personal intervention into our shipmates ' careers can go a long way in helping them appreciate service in the Navy on a daily basis.’
    • ‘I'm just passing through to kill time till my shipmate fixes the ship that she damaged.’
    • ‘For clergy, this often means that pastors are to be the captains of the ship leading their shipmates into the glorious future.’
    • ‘Whispering soon ensued, and the crew member led my shipmates to a little boat tied up to the side of the ship.’
    • ‘A true seaman is always ready to act in time to avoid injury to his ship, his shipmates or himself.’
    • ‘What we really feared was letting down our shipmates - and our fellow citizens.’
    • ‘In this climate of fear and shortages the support and generosity shown to the Harare branch by their fellow shipmates in the UK has meant a great deal.’
    • ‘Already seen as shipmates by Wasp crew members, they will soon be American citizens.’
    • ‘Loose lips sink ships - Don't discuss work related matters with your shipmates in public places such as hotels, restaurants or on trains or buses.’
    • ‘Every day you report for duty, you have an opportunity to positively influence your shipmates - seize each day shipmates!’