Definition of shiplap in English:



[with object]
  • Fit (boards) together so that each overlaps the one below.

    ‘I shiplapped the boards and then glued and screwed them to the braces’
    • ‘You can boost the effectiveness of this insulation by choosing foam with shiplapped edges.’
    • ‘One of those twisted, warped panels got flattened and became the shiplapped back on this.’
    • ‘We went to the added step of shiplapping the boards to add a nice detail.’
    • ‘These trailers have a 32 mm shiplapped pine deck and 14’ galvanized rims with 8 ply tyres.’
    • ‘The curved lid uses sliding dovetails in the frame and then bent, shiplapped boards form the outer skin.’
    • ‘The front elevation is crowned by a dome-capped, tiered bell tower with a shiplapped, bottom tier and a louvered, octagonal bell chamber.’
    • ‘Panels are manufactured with shiplapped edges making installation quick, easy and uniform.’
    • ‘The edges of the boards are profiled for shiplapping.’
    • ‘On the first story, the rigid insulation becomes the drainage plane - all vertical joints must be shiplapped, flashed, or sealed; all horizontal joints must be sealed or taped.’


mass noun
  • 1Boards which have been shiplapped, typically used for cladding.

    ‘shingles rest on roofing paper laid on shiplap’
    • ‘Corrugated steel roofing, shiny cylindrical smokestacks, and shiplap siding extend the outbuilding vocabulary.’
    • ‘Glossy white shiplap paneling up to plate-rail height is a textural supporting player for the stencil.’
    • ‘Instead, they still utilize the same construction techniques - mortises, tenons, floating panels, shiplaps and dovetails - used centuries ago in building fine antiques.’
    • ‘The shiplaps are best installed facing away from the prevailing weather.’
    • ‘These heavy pieces are pinned into the shiplaps, but often the pin has broken and the finials have loosened or fallen off.’
    • ‘Unless the edge of the door is damaged, or a hard wind is blowing up, forcing water under the shiplap, the joint should be watertight in normal rain.’
    • ‘Rooms overlooking the rear garden are more intimate in scale and shielded from view by screens of immaculately detailed fir studs and shiplap cladding.’
    • ‘Jointing details are all executed thoughtfully and the shiplap panels relate beautifully to the gently curved elevations.’
    1. 1.1count noun, usually as modifier A joint between boards made by halving.
      ‘a shiplap joint’
      • ‘They overlap with a shiplap joint between courses and a lap joint between shingles in the same course.’
      • ‘Nail through the shiplap joint but don't nail in the channel groove.’