Definition of shipbuilder in English:



  • A person or company whose job or business is the design and construction of ships.

    • ‘In addition, the southern shipbuilders needed time to learn how to construct warships and ordnance.’
    • ‘The Ministry of Defence has invited shipbuilders, ship repairers and marine service companies to tender for the supply of the vessels using novel, cost-cutting procurement methods.’
    • ‘Others claim that China has investigated the possibility of buying a light aircraft carrier from a European shipbuilder.’
    • ‘I congratulate all those involved; at the shipbuilder, at the Defence Procurement Agency and associated organisations.’
    • ‘Each shipbuilder constructs sections of the ship, while final assembly, outfitting, test and delivery are alternated between them.’
    • ‘As a result, modest-size firms in many sectors, including shipbuilders, truck companies, the makers of biotech machinery, and paper and printing outfits, began hiring.’
    • ‘The European Union has launched an investigation into South Korean shipbuilders amid complaints they are receiving government aid which allows them to sell new ships below cost.’
    • ‘Potemkin was looking for talented engineers, shipbuilders, entrepreneurs and Englishmen: Samuel was all of these things.’
    • ‘Beyond that, shipbuilders must accommodate specific design requests that give mega-yachts their well-earned reputation for extravagance.’
    • ‘Today these models are often the only surviving representations of the work of naval architects and shipbuilders who were famous in their day.’
    • ‘All of those who have been involved, whether from the shipbuilder, Ministry of Defence or ship's company, have the right to be hugely proud of their achievements.’
    • ‘Baseball clubs followed similar patterns, though most often were comprised of skilled craftsmen like carpenters and shipbuilders, clerks, and shopkeepers.’
    • ‘It employs about 19,000 people, many of whom are fourth and fifth generation shipbuilders.’
    • ‘So we're working on providing the right capability for the ship and at the same time minimizing the uncertainty for the shipbuilder.’
    • ‘The original Acadians and Cajuns were farmers, herders, and ranchers, but they also worked as carpenters, coopers, blacksmiths, fishermen, shipbuilders, trappers, and sealers.’
    • ‘The defendant in that suit, a Latvian shipbuilder, applied to the court to have the civil action disallowed because it was funded by a third party.’
    • ‘Railway workers, bus and taxi drivers, and shipbuilders are all contemplating walkouts in coming weeks.’
    • ‘Naval officials, representatives from state-run China Shipbuilding and civilian shipbuilders attended the hearing, hosted by an opposition party lawmaker.’
    • ‘He bought original drawings from Harland & Wolff, the Belfast shipbuilders which built the Titanic, for €12,400.’
    • ‘Thousands had once plied the Great Lakes and Milwaukee shipbuilders had launched over 100 such vessels to carry the region's products to market.’