Definition of ship a sea in English:

ship a sea


  • (of a boat) be flooded by a wave.

    • ‘One of the oilers stood watch at the dining room door, closing it when the boat shipped a sea and opening it when the decks were clear to let the water out of the cabins.’
    • ‘Zethar is one of the earlier boats with the low coaming at the forward end of the cockpit so if we were to ship a sea it would go straight below.’
    • ‘If she shipped a sea, or if she touched a snag (and there were plenty of them about) we were done for.’
    • ‘He accordingly decided on beaching the boat towards the Wanganui, but when about a mile from the shore she shipped a sea and eventually capsized.’
    • ‘I do consider that for men in big ships a sea engagement is a particularly trying experience.’
    • ‘In rounding Flamborough Head the boat shipped a sea and washed the mizzen and boom away, and filled the coble on deck.’
    • ‘Coming in we shipped a sea on the quarter bow, which caused the boat to fill and turn on her broadside.’
    • ‘He shipped a sea or two, as the sailor would say, before he was rescued by the helping hand of his companion from a watery grave.’
    • ‘The third time, they got off, though not without shipping a sea which drenched them all, and half filled their boat, keeping them baling, until they reached their ship.’
    • ‘It is very odd that this ship shipped a sea the very hour as we were, which stove her boats, and bulwarks.’