Definition of ship's husbandry in English:

ship's husbandry


  • See ship's husband

    • ‘The cup is presented for overall efficiency, for operational efficiency, for ship's husbandry, for seamanship, for training levels, for supply and for resourcefulness.’
    • ‘The duty personnel kept themselves busy with the daily routine and ship's husbandry, such as washing the ship's side.’
    • ‘It is also utilized for underwater ship's husbandry on surface ships and submarines.’
    • ‘It had been an intense three weeks of action and there was now time for a little ship's husbandry.’
    • ‘But ship's husbandry is our specialty; it's what we're known for and the most important service we provide.’
    • ‘The ship's husbandry agent will liaise and assist the master in fulfilling all his obligations.’