Definition of ship's husband in English:

ship's husband


  • An agent responsible for providing maintenance and supplies for a ship in port.

    • ‘Manifestly shrewd and inventive in the volatile mercantile rivalry of the Pacific, Lucas, after a period as ship's husband, returned to Sydney in 1901 as Burns Philp's island manager.’
    • ‘The firm was also the ship's husband, and as such they made advances for repairs and expenses.’
    • ‘She was worth $70,000, and her business as ship's husbands was from $2,000 to $4,000 per year.’
    • ‘He sometimes called himself laughingly the ship's husband, - for it was he who transacted most of Miss Prince's important business.’
    • ‘The ‘managing owner, ship's husband, master, or any person to whom the management of the vessel at the port of supply is entrusted’, is presumed to have that authority.’