Definition of shiny bum in English:

shiny bum

(also shiny arse)


NZ, Australian
  • A bureaucrat or office worker.

    ‘the shiny bums in head office were writing slimy little memos to the Prime Minister’
    • ‘These shiny arse journos talk tourism up so much as New Zealand's economic saviour.’
    • ‘"That was where the shiny bums lived," he says.’
    • ‘Once again the shiny bums appointed to safeguard the national psyche have come up with an idea to excite the imagination of millions.’
    • ‘Teachers and principals do not want to say anything for fear of having their head shot off by some shiny bum way up the chain of command.’
    • ‘He told the conference companies were led by "corporate robber barons in their shiny-arse suits".’
    • ‘A shiny arse who knows he is bulletproof isn't going to put in the mileage to prove he is the right choice once he is in there.’
    • ‘The report talks about having more shiny bums, who sit on their backsides, or police officers who do not staff the patrol cars, walk the beats, or make the arrests.’
    • ‘Even when research and development is done, it is under control of engineers and most of the work involves simply scoping the research project, a shiny-bum job.’
    • ‘I represent the working people who make this economy work, not these shiny bums down here in the capital.’