Definition of shin splints in English:

shin splints

plural noun

  • treated as singular or plural Acute pain in the shin and lower leg caused by prolonged running, typically on hard surfaces.

    • ‘Having good footwear can help you avoid problems such as shin splints, etc.’
    • ‘It's usually at this point that people pick up niggles like shin splints or knee problems or injure their Achilles tendon.’
    • ‘He was then stricken with shin splints that required a series of operations and left him crawling around his house for months.’
    • ‘The announcement was made, he returned to England as the rest of the squad flew to Jamaica and a scan suggested another injury, shin splints.’
    • ‘The 19-year-old, who was born in England but raised in Oz, has had a frustrating season after being sidelined with shin splints.’
    • ‘She had very bad shin splints to the point of a stress fracture after taking classes on a concrete floor.’
    • ‘I experienced knee pain, hip pain, ankle pain, muscle cramps, headaches, shin splints and pulled muscles, but the discomfort was never enough to prompt me to cut back on my workouts.’
    • ‘Six months out with shin splints did nothing to improve his prospects, but it was not until his sixth year at the club that he concluded it was time for a move.’
    • ‘Softer materials are useful for conditions related to shock, such as shin splints, heel bruising and pain beneath the ball of the foot.’
    • ‘A full-time physio is employed to tend to the cast members, who apparently spend much of the period in between shows suffering from shin splints and aching backs.’
    • ‘I'm afraid she'll get shin splints if she outpaces that snail.’
    • ‘I have been suffering from shin splints and I played two reserve games against Bradford and Newcastle with the problem but after that I broke down.’
    • ‘People sometimes mistakenly use the term shin splints to refer to a wider array of lower leg problems.’
    • ‘The best way to treat shin splints is with RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation).’
    • ‘Most people who have taken part in various sports have experienced one kind of injury or another, such as stress fracture, shin splints, tendinitis, runner's knee, tennis elbow and head injuries.’
    • ‘On the plus side, I went out for a run last night and did 23 minutes without stopping or suffering from shin splints.’
    • ‘Your specialist first isolates the pain - arthritis, shin splints and knee pain being common.’
    • ‘The most frequent complaints were knee pain, shin splints, and, to a lesser extent, midfoot pain.’
    • ‘Even if the interior cushioning is good, slamming down on a hard heel all day can give you shin splints.’
    • ‘The fit-again striker scored 24 minutes into City's crucial clash against Bury in his first start since September after being sidelined with shin splints for the majority of the season.’


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