Definition of shin pad in English:

shin pad


  • A pad worn to protect the shins when playing soccer, hockey, and other sports.

    • ‘It's time to get your boots out of the shed boys and your shin pads out of the press because the Mayo League is starting up again soon.’
    • ‘The coach was angry, ‘Why didn't you wear your shin pads?’’
    • ‘Anyone who was kicked with an old fashioned boot knew that they had been kicked and because of this thick shin pads were worn to protect the shins.’
    • ‘I had on white knee high socks, bulging with the presence of shin pads.’
    • ‘Wear shin pads (football type) as your shins will get heavily bruised’
    • ‘The lucky participants must bring appropriate footwear, shin pads, clothing and a packed lunch.’
    • ‘So when I arrived at secondary school I didn't have any football boots or shin pads.’
    • ‘Will all the boys interested in training please bring boots and shin pads with them.’
    • ‘Yes that was one of the options, and she actually had field player kit, in other words a skirt, and shin pads and socks and an A-shirt.’
    • ‘I was wearing shin pads but the way that the tackle came in wasn't really straight on.’
    • ‘Playing in the local league with cardboard for shin pads, he dreams of making it out of the ghetto and into the big time.’
    • ‘The shot, literally, went through the shin pad.’
    • ‘No caring or sensible parent would send their child to play football without shin pads, hockey without a gum shield or the non-swimmer without armbands.’
    • ‘All hurlers must have helmets and shin pads and all players must have the proper club attire, blue shorts, blue and gold stockings.’
    • ‘Cricket boxes, shin pads, and gloves are all examples of equipment that should be worn to prevent injury.’
    • ‘All participants have to bring proper footwear boots or trainers, shin pads, warm-up top, packed lunch daily, sun protection cream/clothing, lots of fluids.’
    • ‘‘Next time I'm going to bring shin pads, elbow pads, arm pads, everything pads,’ I grumbled as I rubbed in anti-bruise cream to my skin.’
    • ‘We did this with no helmets, no knee pads, no shin pads.’
    • ‘The only difference was that one had a bow and dagger and the other had a sword and wore metal shin pads.’