Definition of shin-tangle in English:



mass nounCanadian
  • A dense growth of shrubs and other plants, especially under trees in woodland; undergrowth.

    ‘she fought her way through the underbrush, beating back the shin-tangle tearing at her skirt’
    • ‘A quarter of a mile farther up, there was a good campin' place on a little bench under a rock ledge and a clump of shintangle.’
    • ‘My Dad has been there and seen a lot of tracks where the elk and deer have been in the clearcut, moving toward a "shin-tangle" for the day.’
    • ‘Nothing else was about except for the birds, making for cover under the shintangle.’
    • ‘The trail fizzled into a shin-tangle of huckleberry brush that hung down the mountain like matted dog hair.’