Definition of shikar in English:



mass nounIndian
  • Hunting as a sport.

    ‘shikar became a favourite pastime for British and Indian nobility alike’
    as modifier ‘his shikar adventures’
    count noun ‘shooting things with a camera on shikars and treks’
    • ‘This was where he threw lavish shikar parties for his guests, mainly other royalty and British dignitaries.’
    • ‘As no festivity is complete without food, special Rajasthani shikar cuisine, the rathwa leaf baked food and the mouth watering chattpattias will be laid out.’
    • ‘The adventure of going to a hunt, a shikar beings well before you even step into a jungle.’
    • ‘They've got their camp beds, their tents, their shikar equipment.’
    • ‘The road names reflect Pakistan's history: the generously wide Shahrah-e-Faisal named after the Saudi ruler who came here for shikar; roads named for Iqbal, Nishtar, Ispahani.’
    • ‘I remember the tennis matches and the trips to the Malakpet Races and the shikar trips into the jungle.’


From Urdu and Persian šikār.