Definition of shiitake in English:


(also shitake, shiitake mushroom)


  • An edible mushroom which grows on fallen timber, cultivated in Japan and China.

    Lentinus edodes, family Pleurotaceae, class Hymenomycetes

    • ‘Beef stroganoff offers up fork-cuttably tender slices of filet mignon topped with shiitakes and shallots in a rich veal stock thickened with whole grain mustard and sour cream.’
    • ‘If you really can't get wild mushrooms, use a mixture of Portobello, a large flat field mushroom, a few shitake mushrooms and some of the brown chestnut variety.’
    • ‘Fill the hollowed tofu with the shrimp, squid, uni, and shiitakes.’
    • ‘Heat the wok, add a teaspoon of oil, add the chicken, shiitake mushroom, chives and spring onion, and lightly stir-fry for a minute.’
    • ‘They offer inexpensive spring and fall seminars to provide information on growing shiitakes.’
    • ‘Fillet of beef with a chive and mustard crust on a stir-fry of savoy cabbage, shitake mushrooms and smoky bacon, herb potatoes, and toast carrots with a sun-dried tomato, basil sauce.’
    • ‘In the name shiitake, take means mushroom and shii is the name of one of the various Japanese trees whose dead wood serves as host to the mushrooms.’
    • ‘Next came a shitake mushroom risotto with melted foie gras, a bit of plantain and shaved truffle, and a dusting of porcini mushroom.’
    • ‘Still, their clear brown broth - lemongrass-infused bonito stock and miso, laced with kombu, pea shoots and shiitakes - is deliciously complex.’
    • ‘The pork came rolled with those little brown Japanese shitake mushrooms, pak choi and a sweep of plum sauce.’
    • ‘Then the shitake mushrooms are meant to be sliced and placed on top of the wholemeal bread together with cheddar cheese for a great homemade swiss-mushroom treat.’
    • ‘I had button mushrooms, shitake, chanterelle, brown mushrooms and probably others that I don't even know.’
    • ‘Try shredded pak choi, sliced shitake mushrooms, a handful of beansprouts, sliced mangetouts, cooked egg noodles and fresh crab meat.’
    • ‘Other mushrooms with similar effects include shiitake, portobello, and crimini.’
    • ‘Four types of mushroom - oyster, portabella, cup and shiitake - each coated in a different flavoured yoghurt dip, run on to a skewer and cooked in the tandoor oven.’
    • ‘Sam steamed baby bok choy with shiitakes, tofu, and scallops, and Teresa brought crusty bread and a terrific green salad with walnuts, Spanish blue, and apples from her yard.’
    • ‘For shiitakes and oysters, remove the entire fibrous stem.’
    • ‘Then add the cup mushrooms to the paprika purée, the shiitakes to the coriander and mint, and finally the portabella mushrooms to the plain purée.’
    • ‘They made stocks, and this is still practiced, with dried shiitakes, dried soybeans, and dried seaweed.’
    • ‘Portobellos, criminis, and shiitakes are showing up at even the most mainstream of markets, and mushrooms of all sorts are proudly featured in very basic dishes and restaurants.’


Late 19th century: from Japanese, from shii, denoting a kind of oak, + take ‘mushroom’.