Definition of shigella in English:


nounPlural shigellae

  • A bacterium that is an intestinal pathogen of humans and other primates, some kinds of which cause dysentery.

    Genus Shigella; Gram-negative rods

    • ‘Direct inoculation of culture plates at the bedside is the most efficient means of isolating shigella from the dysentery patients.’
    • ‘The researchers found that shigella, the bacteria causing dysentery uses a Type III secretion system to inject proteins into human cells.’
    • ‘There are no pus cells in the stool, thereby ruling out a bacterial diarrhea like shigella dysentery.’
    • ‘Illnesses caused by salmonella, shigella, E. coli, and vibrio bacteria can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting, both of which would lead to further dehydration.’
    • ‘One reason is that some microbes - in particular, a bacterium called shigella - appear to form a sticky ‘biofilm,’ like dental plaque, that is difficult to remove.’


Modern Latin, from the name of Kiyoshi Shiga (1870–1957), Japanese bacteriologist, + the diminutive suffix -ella.