Definition of shiftily in English:



  • See shifty

    • ‘The bartender looked at her shiftily, but then nodded.’
    • ‘He looked around shiftily and heaved a deep sigh.’
    • ‘Sandwiched between the ceremonial swords and bric-a-brac, teenage boys gaze shiftily at the firearms on display in a Manchester shop.’
    • ‘Each time I picked up a book I looked shiftily around, holding it out in front of me at head height, so as not to appear like a person about to steal.’
    • ‘She looks about shiftily and whispers: ‘Round the back.’’
    • ‘I was a bit confused about what she meant and so was moving awkwardly, some might say shiftily, but no-one challenged me.’
    • ‘He looked shiftily around the room quickly, ‘Just this and that, ya know?’’