Definition of shifter in English:



  • 1usually in combination A person or thing that shifts something.

    ‘each morning the rock-shifters travel by donkey cart to start work’
    • ‘They have a rather good pitch shifter as it happens.’
    • ‘In the new era it is about time entrepreneurs led the economic debate and drove policy, not paper shifters who will do their utmost to stifle innovation even if a minister wants it.’
    • ‘Any successful rugby team needs piano players, the backs who can string together a melody of angles and passes, and piano shifters, the forwards who do the heavy lifting, shifting and carrying.’
    • ‘Time to fire up the sand shifter machine I reckon.’
    • ‘During repetitive playback, turning the dial on the pitch shifter produced unexpected melodies that drew me into a mild rapture.’
    • ‘I will prove that I can be something better than a rock shifter!’
    • ‘All these are wicked awesome local acts, but instead we are relegated to radio-friendly unit shifters.’
    • ‘Setting up teams of helpers who can act, for example, as messengers, furniture shifters, hot drinks and meal providers and counsellors for those affected by an emergency.’
    • ‘Overall, the van's make-over keeps it up to pace with the rest of the combi pack - none enjoying clear superiority over the others as load shifters.’
    • ‘But there are shifters which allow you to control, to a greater or lesser degree, the shifting of the formants in the sound.’
    • ‘Do you think that political paradigm shifters would be welcomed with open arms, or nine grams of lead through six lands and grooves with a left hand twist?’
    • ‘He was then plied with diet biscuits that helped him shed about 2kg in nine months, beating the next weight shifter by 500 g (equivalent to a pound of butter).’
    • ‘His sonic experimentations used phase shifters and drum machines and his technique swiftly made him the most in-demand producer in Jamaica.’
    • ‘The slapstick possibilities of a short-sighted furniture shifter must have seemed irresistible.’
  • 2North American usually in combination A gearbox of a motor vehicle or a set of gear levers on a bicycle.

    ‘a new, improved five-speed shifter’
    • ‘Early Saturday I got up and started ripping the gears and shifters off to get the bike setup.’
    • ‘Magnesium is used in the steering column and gear shifter paddles.’
    • ‘Grace stomped the clutch and moved the shifter to first gear.’
    • ‘Thankfully this model had the gear shifter on the floor.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, my rear shifter wasn't working and I was permanently stuck in the lowest gear there, although I still had control over my front three chainrings.’
    • ‘Perhaps engineers wish to see how the hand holds the steering wheel, or how it grips the shifter from a certain seating posture.’
    • ‘The shifter didn't work properly, so we were off the speed we had figured on.’
    • ‘He looked back from the window to Hannah, grabbing her hand off the shifter and squeezing it.’
    • ‘You can either let the computer handle the task of changing the six forward gears for you, or you can select each gear yourself using the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.’
    • ‘The semi-automatic (a foot shifter, but no clutch) transmission, supremely light weight and low power output makes it ideal for getting used to the ‘feel’ of being on a motorcycle.’
    • ‘It is operated with a dash-board mounted gate shifter.’
    • ‘The rear derailleur is the current model, and the right hand shifter has been rebuilt with the appropriate cam for this derailleur.’
    • ‘Ergonomics are decent, and feature a number of nice touches such as driver-side window switches that are angled toward the driver and the shifter mounted to the left of the console for easy reach.’
    • ‘I somehow lost the front cover and fixing screw from the left shifter of my new road bike.’
    • ‘Both throttle and shifter are full by-wire systems.’
    • ‘I've got a bit of a black eye where I think a brake lever or gear shifter hit it, and I've got a sore hip on my left side.’
    • ‘During one of the mountain stages, I saw an old-school front derailleur downtube shifter on Lance's bike, and then in a later stage, I saw one on Ullrich's bike.’
    • ‘On the front derailleur shifter, the indexing cog appears to be exposed by design underneath the brake lever handle.’
    • ‘That's like driving a five-speed car and moving the gear shifter around until the engine quits making that high pitched whining sound.’
    • ‘The shifter moves to 2nd gear 1.5 seconds into the run.’