Definition of shift one's ground in English:

shift one's ground


  • Say or write something that contradicts something one has previously written or said.

    • ‘He has shifted his ground big time and I welcome that Mr Speaker, because it is in everybody's interest to have the free trade agreement passed.’
    • ‘In the light of this possibility, critics of tax funding have shifted their ground, arguing that it restricts choice and responsiveness.’
    • ‘I note that the member is now shifting his ground.’
    • ‘Instead of trying to show from the nature of the situation that there is a logical difference between the two kinds of ownership, he shifts his ground to a consideration of consequences.’
    • ‘He had been asked a series of questions, he seemed to be shifting his ground and the Tribunal obviously did not accept him on any of these matters.’
    • ‘Are you struggling to keep up with events, or shifting your ground to try to keep in step with Joe public?’
    • ‘In contemporary terms he has shifted his ground from the most pie-in-the-sky wish list of knowledge innovations to the most down-to-earth bread-and-butter of transaction processing.’
    • ‘Although (as I have already indicated) Irving was prepared at one stage of the trial to agree that in broad terms the answer to this question is in the affirmative, he later shifted his ground.’
    • ‘Since opponents of vouchers remain strong, rather than risk everything on an all-singing, all-dancing scheme that he was unlikely to get through Congress, he shifted his ground.’
    • ‘Stark himself recognizes different senses of secularization when he insists that scholars not shift their ground in order to avoid embarrassment to the theory.’