Definition of shift lever in English:

shift lever


North American
  • another term for gear lever
    • ‘The shift lever also does allow you to select the ratio you want, so you can play ‘semi’ manual tunes on the gearbox.’
    • ‘The vehicle is available with a six-passenger configuration, which does away with the center console and puts the gear shift lever on the steering column.’
    • ‘Innovative technology includes: the electro-mechanical parking brake and the shift lever for the six-speed tiptronic automatic transmission operate ‘by wire’, without any mechanical links.’
    • ‘It flows into a center console that places the requisite cupholders next to the new floor-mounted shift lever.’
    • ‘When the shift occurs, either via paddles located behind the steering wheel, the shift lever or in automatic mode, the clutch on the engaged gear opens as the clutch on the next gear closes.’
    • ‘Instead of a traditional shift lever, you control the car's movement with a flick of a finger on a device attached to the steering column - a stubbier version of a turn-signal lever.’
    • ‘An available six-speed automatic transmission can be manually controlled by the shift lever and by steering wheel-mounted paddles.’
    • ‘The shift lever in six-passenger models is mounted on the steering column.’
    • ‘Illuminating door handles when the ignition is turned off or when putting the shift lever in ‘park’ would be standard.’
    • ‘The steering wheel was correct, relative to the pedals and the auto shift lever and the seat.’
    • ‘Our preference is to rest a knee and calf against the console while modulating the throttle and brake over obstacles, but the shift lever was in the way.’
    • ‘When you have to jump off one bike and onto another, it's important that your shift levers, saddle and other components be in the same places.’
    • ‘Nubby little control buttons molded into shift levers let you scroll through modes without taking a hand off the bars.’
    • ‘The tunnel is fitted with a polished-aluminum emergency brake handle, manual shift lever and climate controls.’
    • ‘You need to drill a hole in the lever bracket where the brake / shift lever contacts the bracket.’