Definition of shieldtail snake in English:

shieldtail snake

(also shield-tailed snake)


  • A burrowing snake that has a flat disc formed from an enlarged scale on the upper surface of the tail, native to the rainforests of southern India and Sri Lanka.

    Rhinophis, Uropeltis, and other genera, family Uropeltidae: numerous species

    • ‘Only a few species of snakes, such as sandboas and shieldtail snakes, are capable of making their own burrows, but even they prefer existing burrows, when available.’
    • ‘Today, he taps the native intelligence of the same tribal communities to find rare species of the shield-tailed snakes that live under the ground.’
    • ‘Greene lists the following groups as viviparous: Asian pipesnakes, Red Pipesnakes, shield-tailed snakes, boas, dwarf boas, and seasnakes.’