Definition of shield bug in English:

shield bug


  • A broad shield-shaped bug which is typically brightly coloured or boldly marked. It emits a foul smell when handled or molested.

    Pentatomidae and other families, suborder Heteroptera

    Also called stink bug
    • ‘The shield bugs were darting up and down the dandelion stems and into the seed heads.’
    • ‘Sometimes these vegetable bugs are confused with other shield bugs which are carnivorous and can be quite beneficial in the garden, preying on other pests.’
    • ‘It is controlled by insecticides and also a predatory shield bug.’
    • ‘Sadly, the shield bugs, also known as stink bugs, tend to emit a foul odor when alarmed…’
    • ‘Although sometimes mistaken for beetles, shield bugs belong to a different group of insects, the Hemiptera.’