Definition of sherwani in English:



  • A knee-length coat buttoning to the neck, worn by men from South Asia.

    • ‘Men who accompany their wives/girlfriends when they in a saree, now have the option of wearing a long kurta, or a sherwani, complete with a fashionable angavastra around their shoulders.’
    • ‘For traditional ceremonies, such as weddings, the sherwani and churidar, a calf-length tunic and tight-fitting trousers, are often seen, accompanied by a turban.’
    • ‘I tell Marvin the very next day, ‘That sherwani looked like it was made for him!’’
    • ‘He was a slight man, but was beautifully turned out in traditional Avadhi evening dress of a long silk sherwani over a pair of tight white cotton pyjamas.’
    • ‘Finally, provide five lakh free sherwanis to the poor.’
    • ‘Apart from sherwanis and open sherwanis with trousers which employs elegant embroidery to enhance appeal, Renu has also worked on short jackets, trousers, jodhpurs and three-piece embroidered suits for men.’
    • ‘The line includes asymmetrical tops, narrow trousers, churidar trousers, corsets and sherwanis with a contemporary feel.’
    • ‘The brides looked resplendent in red shararas while the grooms were dressed in white sherwanis, long Indian coats, and laced caps.’
    • ‘Some of the sherwanis worn by the Maharajas of those days must have taken one whole month to put together, with everything done by hand.’
    • ‘Catering to the ethnic men's wear segment, ‘Attitude’ features a range of sherwanis, jodhpurs, kurta pyjamas, long and short jackets and ethnic stoles.’
    • ‘He has designed the traditional ‘Baghas ‘(ensembles worn by kings and princes), sherwanis, kurta pajamas and embroidered dhoti-kurta sets for grooms.’
    • ‘All his life he wore the same dirty old fez, a dirty pair of pyjamas, and an ancient sherwani.’
    • ‘On formal occasions, the sherwani (long jacket), tight trousers known as churidar, and a turban are worn.’
    • ‘The choga, sherwani, achkan, jama and phiran are Kashmiri traditional costumes and heavily embroidered sometimes with zari on special occasions.’
    • ‘There's also turquoise and ‘zardosi blended with resham thread’ and pearl work for fine embroidered weave to create mid-length jackets and sherwanis.’
    • ‘While some designers may have experimented with the traditional sherwani and pajama-kurta, ready-to-wear has been more or less ignored.’
    • ‘Whether they should be worn with western suits or the ethnic ‘bund gala’ jackets or sherwanis is a matter of choice.’
    • ‘There was sherwani over flared trousers, a knee length straight fitting skirt and the Tarun trademark of sophisticated evening wear in a rainbow of colours from emerald to citrus yellow, tangerine to orange.’
    • ‘The groom, 56, wore a long, black sherwani (a Mughal-style frock coat) and a silver grey dupatta (scarf).’
    • ‘It took tailors a month to stitch a sherwani for a Maharaja, but the garment makers knew they were creating a garment for royalty and used fabrics that were so good when it came to texture.’


From Urdu and Persian širwānī ‘from Shirvan’ (referring to a town in NE Persia).