Definition of sheriff court in English:

sheriff court


  • (in Scotland) a judicial court for civil cases, equivalent to a county court.

    • ‘Such matters will fall to be determined in the sheriff court, and not the Court of Session, since that is the specific intention of the legislation.’
    • ‘It will also work to implement reform of criminal legal assistance, including changes resulting from the Executive's reform of the sheriff court and High Court.’
    • ‘‘That's defamatory of the vast majority of practitioners at the sheriff court and high court,’ Scott said, adding that most delays were because fiscals were still struggling with their workload.’
    • ‘One official within the justice department said: ‘They go from the sheriff court in the morning to the district court that afternoon.’’
    • ‘The case will be heard at Glasgow sheriff court next month.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the Crown Office said 61 people appeared at Edinburgh sheriff court yesterday charged with a variety of offences.’
    • ‘He added: ‘Matters which would once have been dealt with by the High Court are now judged by the sheriff court.’’
    • ‘He lived in Bishopbriggs, studied law at Strathclyde University and worked with Carr & Co doing the sheriff court and legal aid work.’
    • ‘A prisoner who broke free from a security guard outside Kirkcaldy sheriff court was still on the run yesterday.’
    • ‘There were demonstrations at custody hearings this week at Dundee and Greenock sheriff courts.’
    • ‘‘The only litigation with which we are currently involved is an appeal to the sheriff court in respect of an exclusion,’ a spokesman said.’
    • ‘Neighbours who are overruled have the right to appeal to a sheriff court.’
    • ‘But now the lawyer who has been a familiar face in Scotland's sheriff courts for the past 15 years is about to replace Trisha as the nation's morning television star of choice.’
    • ‘The building is situated behind the sheriff court, which makes it simpler to arraign councillors I suppose, and the woman behind the counter tries to weigh me down with an arm-breaking load of brochures.’
    • ‘People accused of crimes including drug dealing and assault will - depending on the severity of the case - be considered for trial in a sheriff court in a bid to beat High Court backlogs.’
    • ‘Two men, aged 23 and 39, are due to appear at Aberdeen sheriff court tomorrow.’
    • ‘Cases are often tossed about from the Children's Hearings system to sheriff courts, with an array of social workers, children's panel members, adoptive parents and birth parents ensuring seemingly endless delays.’
    • ‘Baronial jurisdiction was extensive, though subject to appeal to the royal sheriff court or the regality court.’
    • ‘As well as the plan to divert criminals away from court, the Crown Office has declared that it aims to save money through reforms to the court system, whereby more cases would be heard in sheriff courts rather than the High Court.’
    • ‘Sixty trials a week at Scotland's busiest sheriff court are adjourned because the accused fail to turn up.’


sheriff court