Definition of sherardize in English:


(British sherardise)


[with object]
  • Coat (iron or steel) with zinc by heating it in contact with zinc dust.

    ‘special galvanized or sherardized nails are available’
    • ‘Appendices give guidance on those requirements to be agreed between the interested parties and on sherardizing in general.’
    • ‘The sherardized coatings are almost entirely made up of iron-zinc alloy phases.’
    • ‘Requirements for cleaning and pre-treatment of the galvanized or sherardised steel products prior to powder coating are also specified.’
    • ‘The sherardizing process again uses zinc, this time in the form of zinc dust mixed with an inert filler which, together with the parts to be coated, is placed in a sealed container.’
    • ‘We stock an extensive range of fasteners, all are available in various plated finishes including galvanized, sherardized and BZP.’
    • ‘Metallic zinc coatings are applied to prepared steel surfaces by galvanizing, electroplating, mechanical plating, sherardising, painting with zinc-rich coatings and zinc spraying or metallising.’
    • ‘Other techniques include electroplating, mechanical plating, and sherardising, painting with zinc-rich coatings and zinc spraying or metallising.’
    • ‘Iron is also coated with zinc by a method in which the iron is first covered with the zinc dust and then baked; an alloy is formed at the surface, the resulting product being known as sherardized iron.’
    • ‘The principal uses of zinc dust are in paints and sherardising (See under Zinc Coatings).’
    • ‘Only ~ 107 years to improve upon sherardizing (Sherard O. Cowper-Coles’ process of packing steel with zinc powder & ceramic media in a sealed container, then heating)!’
    • ‘All metal fittings and fencing materials should be galvanised, zinc plated, sherardised or otherwise treated to prevent rusting.’
    • ‘What is sherardising, and of what benefit are sherardised nails?’


Early 20th century: from the name of Sherard Cowper-Coles (1867–1936), English inventor, + -ize.