Definition of shemozzle in English:


(also schemozzle)


  • A state of chaos and confusion; a muddle.

    ‘the debate about climate change and how to deal with it is a shemozzle’
    • ‘And let us contrast it with the frequent shemozzles that characterise Her Majesty's Opposition, wherein disputes, dissent and debates rage.’
    • ‘Here's the upshot of the whole shemozzle as I see it.’
    • ‘According to a prison officer ‘there was a right schemozzle just as Mass ended.’’
    • ‘I think it's absolutely fair to say that the immediate responses in dealing with the community exposure were a shemozzle.’
    • ‘It wouldn't do, either, to underestimate the parental anger over the shemozzle of the current meningitis vaccine programme.’


Late 19th century: Yiddish, suggested by late Hebrew šel-lō'-mazzāl ‘of no luck’.