Definition of shelter shed in English:

shelter shed


NZ, Australian
  • A roofed structure giving temporary shelter from rain, typically in a school playground.

    ‘in winter we huddled in the draughty shelter shed’
    • ‘The new parish centre consists of the multi purpose hall, three classrooms, a shelter shed and a toilet block.’
    • ‘You're behind the shelter shed, surrounded by the worst of your school's thugs, menacing and closing in.’
    • ‘Surely this ludicrous activity should be restricted to behind the shelter shed where it belongs.’
    • ‘Teenagers were regularly drinking outside the shelter sheds at the marina.’
    • ‘If there were a respectable shelter-shed at the mine, the men would not use it.’
    • ‘Stop sneaking smokes behind the shelter shed.’
    • ‘There's a single shelter shed per playground, with boys and girls lavatories.’
    • ‘She arrived early in order to be first behind the shelter shed for a smoke before school.’
    • ‘She'd go coy but would be only too eager to accompany him to the rear of the shelter-shed.’
    • ‘He'd tried to burn down the shelter shed.’