Definition of shelter belt in English:

shelter belt


  • A line of trees or shrubs planted to protect an area, especially a field of crops, from fierce weather.

    • ‘Green has broken one of the first rules of coastal gardening by not creating a shelter belt.’
    • ‘In went several hundred eucalypts, as shelter belts and windbreaks, and for firewood and fenceposts in years to come.’
    • ‘It's a very good idea to start with a shelter belt as this will protect valuable plants in your garden from the ravages of wind and possibly salt-laden air.’
    • ‘They are not just dumped anywhere, but considerations have to be made as to the prevailing winds, the local shelter belts and any crops that might tempt the bees away.’
    • ‘He said the third generation family property was using trees as shelter belts and for managing runoff.’
    • ‘The reason I think there are changes in, for example, North Dakota in America is that there's been better land use practices, shelter belts, minimum tillage.’
    • ‘‘I think initially the smaller-scale schemes were beneficial as shelter belts but this particular scheme seems to me to be too big,’ he said.’
    • ‘Just like these folks have been saying, check your shelter belts, check your buildings.’
    • ‘The first of my seriously damp patches to be tackled this year is a small area shaded by a shelter belt of ancient hawthorn and alder, and sandwiched between the original homestead and a steep bank that leads up to a meadow.’
    • ‘Each shelter belt helped to break the wind on the plains.’
    • ‘There were two great pheasant hunts - an early October hunt on pen raised birds in West Virginia and a fabulous few days in mid-November in South Dakota for tough, mature roosters hanging around corn fields and broad shelter belts.’
    • ‘Now is the time to plant hedges, specimen trees and shelter belts.’
    • ‘As well as enhancing the look of the islands, trees would provide much-needed shelter belts for homes, crops and animals.’
    • ‘Many in the village do not believe it is ‘more appropriate’ to replace an oak wood which forms the village shelter belt with mixed saplings.’
    • ‘In cooler parts of the temperate zone, or on exposed sites, we need maximum wind protection (tree shelter belts, closely spaced buildings of constant height, main streets perpendicular to the prevailing wind).’
    • ‘Iain advises anyone making a garden to begin by planting a shelter belt.’
    • ‘A good shelter belt provides some protection into the field for up to 30 times its height.’
    • ‘While few urban gardens suffer from the effects of exposure, in the suburbs, country, and coastal areas it pays to plant a shelter belt.’
    • ‘Wind patterns along forest walls and shelter belts probably differ from patterns within closed stands.’
    • ‘His farm manager has ‘got to prioritise the shelter belt modification’ he says, frowning.’