Definition of shelled in English:



  • 1Having a protective outer case or covering.

    ‘crabs and other shelled creatures’
    in combination ‘hard-shelled pistachios’
    • ‘The fourth breath passed over the waves and called out the names of every scaled fish, shelled animal, and whale, male and female, and they all came to Being.’
    • ‘The shelled reptile's measured, oblivious promenade is representative of the world in which we are being immersed.’
    • ‘The eggs are misshapen, rough-shelled, and contain watery albumen.’
    • ‘She was sleeping deeply, her tentacles curled gently about her shelled torso.’
    • ‘We can speculate that this category consists of about 30 per cent thick-shelled hickory and 26 per cent other wild foods.’
    • ‘One of the main dishes was a soft-shelled turtle soup.’
    • ‘A meal for two had been brought in by the equivalent of a chambermaid, some sort of claws from shelled creatures.’
    • ‘The numerous Italian varieties of almond are almost all hard-shelled.’
    • ‘The soft-shelled eggs have large yolks which are absorbed by the developing young, as with birds.’
    • ‘Most shelled opisthobranchs I know of are a translucent white in colour.’
  • 2Having the outer case or covering removed.

    ‘shelled peas’
    ‘shelled prawns’
    • ‘A chicken stuffed with rice, nuts, onions, spices, and shelled hard-boiled eggs is placed inside a whole, slaughtered lamb.’
    • ‘They still sell 70 per cent of 160,000 pounds of shelled pecans to over 200 retailers nationwide.’
    • ‘The bulletin reports that relatively higher prices were recorded for most food items, including cereal products, fresh meat, fish, fresh vegetables, and shelled groundnuts.’
    • ‘These are dry, shelled legumes, like those found in split pea soup.’
    • ‘The committee strictly regulates the sale or use of shelled peanuts having above 15 parts per billion of aflatoxin.’
    • ‘Served with shelled almonds and a grinding of sea salt, this is a breathtaking palate teaser.’
    • ‘The children refuse all human food until they are given newly shelled beans, upon which provender they subsist until they learn to eat bread.’
    • ‘Solid timbers and struts took on the grotesque softness of a shelled oyster, as glass shattered, cloth rippled, and counters spewed their contents.’
    • ‘Shelled-grain weights can be adjusted using a grain shrink table.’
    • ‘The dozen tiny ears he could hold in one hand were worth nearly two bushels of shelled corn.’