Definition of shell something out in English:

shell something out

(also shell out)

phrasal verb

  • Pay (a specified amount of money, especially one regarded as excessive)

    ‘he has had to shell out £500 a week hiring a bodyguard’
    ‘she ended up shelling out for two rooms’
    • ‘At the top level, thousands of pounds are shelled out by ambitious team owners to ensure the right outcome of a match.’
    • ‘The government claims it paid more than $200 million for this project five years ago, but a recent government audit shows tax dollars were shelled out for work that was never done.’
    • ‘My power problem got me thinking that I need to be one of those guys who makes the money, instead of shelling it out all the time.’
    • ‘Reading only the advertisements, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a magazine aimed at home buyers - about 80% of the advertising revenue has been shelled out by builders.’
    make payment, pay, settle up, pay in full, meet one's obligations, come up with the money
    pay, spend, expend, pay out, lay out, part with, disburse, hand over, remit, render
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