Definition of shell lime in English:

shell lime


mass noun
  • Fine-quality lime produced by roasting seashells.

    • ‘First they built the yellowwood on top of thick beams, then had a layer of crushed bricks which were concealed with three coats of shell lime and crushed and burnt shells.’
    • ‘The production of lime plaster was started from shell lime and changed into lime stone plaster.’
    • ‘Adding bone meal, Shellfish Fertilizer, oyster shell lime (will change pH) and gypsum, all of which contain high levels of calcium, to the soil at planting time usually prevents the problem from occurring.’
    • ‘In villages in northern Tihama timber and straw are used, while in towns shell lime is more common; in southern Tihama timber and brick are used.’
    • ‘In combination with clay minerals and good compost, sea shell lime will ensure a sumptuous plant increase.’
    • ‘Duhaut-Cilly traveled the coast in the late 1820s and reported shell lime being made for the construction of the new mission church at Santa Barbara.’
    • ‘A lot of bagged shell lime was sold to Distilleries for whitewashing and sterilising purposes.’
    • ‘This is an extremely soft, rich mix of Canadian sphagnum peat moss, earth worm castings, bat guano, pumice and oyster shell lime.’
    • ‘Gypsum, oyster shell lime and dolomite lime are pH adjusters.’
    • ‘Use oyster shell lime, which contains calcium carbonate, an excellent addition to our soils.’
    • ‘If properly used however, it is preferable to shell lime for all work.’