Definition of shelflike in English:



  • See shelf

    • ‘Running a trot line seems a fairly sane way to go about snagging a big fish, but in more shallow runs of the river farther downstream where the limestone has eroded under the bank to form shelf-like caves some guys take the sport a step farther.’
    • ‘Podial basins are closed cup-like or shelf-like depressions shared by sequential ambulacrals or adjacent ambulacrals and adambulacrals.’
    • ‘The nose contains shelf-like structures called turbinates, which help trap particles entering the nasal passages.’
    • ‘It steadily increased in size until it reached its full magnitude in 1885 as an ugly but substantial shelf-like structure.’
    • ‘The walls seemed like a large bulletin board, strewn with everything from drawings to pictures of her friends to books, on a shelf-like thing, to movie tickets.’