Definition of shelf room in English:

shelf room


mass noun
  • The amount of available space on a shelf.

    • ‘The drawback of this is the reduced usable shelf room because of the deeper ‘joist’ that supports the shelf.’
    • ‘Those writing in, for instance, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Gujurati, Bengali, or Kannada have a much tougher time obtaining recognition and shelf room in British bookshops.’
    • ‘My Marilyn books have their own shelf and even though I could desperately use that shelf room for other books as I'm out of room anywhere else, I refuse to compromise the look of it.’
    • ‘There is plenty of shelf room.’
    • ‘There were some great ‘vintage’ books available but alas, I do not have enough shelf room for them.’
    • ‘It protects the surrounding areas about the faucet and the bowl from splashed water to keep the areas clean and dry, while providing extra shelf room for other articles needed.’
    • ‘They only have so much shelf room, and they need to know what they place on the shelf is going to make it to the register (preferably at full price.)’